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Visit to the Automobile Museum

One of our favorites. Around 90 vehicles from the 19th century to the present day, accompanied by the prevailing fashion of the respective period. The pairing of such exclusive vehicles with fashion makes it unique. It is simply amazing!


Visit to the Pompidou Museum

What absolute pride we have in having the first Pompidou Paris Museum outside French borders! If you want to be amazed we show you this museum of contemporary art with works by Chagall, Kandinsky, Julio Gonzalez or Picasso. The characteristic of modern art is its ability to not leave anyone indifferent. You'll see that after your visit many things have been removed within you.

Visit to the Carmen Thyssen Museum

If you are one of those who likes realism, naturalism, a taste for detail... this is definitely your museum. Not only will you enjoy the greatest painters of the Romantic period and the first avant-garde, but also the soul, folklore and customs of Andalusia. From Bécquer to Madrazo. From Sorolla to Julio Romero de Torres. From Regoyos to Ramón Casas. A delight for the senses.

Visit to the Picasso Museum Málaga

There is a before and after in the history of the city of Malaga since the opening of this museum. Thanks to his family and the Andalusian government, one of the dreams of the master of the new, of the most influential artist of the 20th century, of the creator of a new artistic language, of the multi-faceted genius, came true. You will discover all this in a visit where we teach you how to look at art and interpret it. There will also be a before and after for you after this visit where you will finally understand Picasso!

Visit to the Russian Museum 

The Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, the first one also in Europe, shows us every year a permanent collection of high quality. They started with the icons, followed by Russian landscapes and huge portraits of the Romanov family. If we consider that Russian artists are the great creators of the 20th century and the origin of the main avant-garde, the quality of this museum is unquestionable.

Málaga Museum

Opened in December 2016, it has become the first art gallery in Andalusia and the fifth in the country. Divided into two parts, one of fine arts and the other archaeological, it is worthwhile both for the continent and for the content. Located in the old customs palace, everything there is pure elegance.

... and up to 36, any of the other museums in Malaga

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